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you should think about the practical stuff



Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017, 05:40

you should think about the practical stuff

Nothing is as refreshing as watching an ace player excel in
his choice of sport and what better proof of this than the recently concluded
Wimbledon. If watching Roger Federer and Serena Williams is anything to go
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, it must have surely inspired a number of parents around the
world to encourage their children to take up tennis. Assuming that your child is
around ten years old, the right way of introducing him to the game would be to
enroll him for a mini tennis coaching camp. Everything in this camp pertains to
the sport except that it is played with mini tennis balls and

The best way of going about this task would be conduct research
through various sources like the Internet, word of mouth, sports directories and
so on till you have at least a few prospective names. But as is the case with
everything in
life Bradley
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, not all mini tennis camps are born equal and
the onus is on the seeker to find one which follows an appropriate coaching
method for youngsters. Such a camp should not just be limited to mini tennis
balls and rackets but must install in youngsters a love for the game which will
sustain as they grow older too.

Because a mini tennis camp is akin to a
grass-root training program, its foremost requisite is a good coach. There might
be mini tennis balls and rackets at the coaching center but unless the children
are able to relate to the coach, chances of success are highly doubtful. For
tennis clubs to succeed in generating long term players, it is imperative for
the coach to project a positive attitude at all times and generously temper it
with plenty of fun. This can be accomplished by incorporating a number of fun
games in between practice and refraining from win-lose tactics.

mini tennis balls and rackets is obviously a must in a junior training camp but
the modifications do not stop here. In fact the entire infrastructure would need
to be adapted in such a way that it is optimally suited for children belonging
to a lower age-group. A perfect mini tennis camp set-up must feature low nets
and soft tennis balls so that it is easier for the kids to swing and sustain
minimal injuries while playing. Cones should be used to position the players
during the playing session so that they are clear about their reference point
and do not wonder elsewhere.

While in their formative stage children are
blessed with excellent grasping power and hence the most effective manner of
teaching them would be to demonstrate. Any good mini tennis camp would
capitalise on this visual prowess by demonstrating the strokes and asking the
child to imitate. Even the use of mini tennis balls and rackets is justified
because it is through repeated use of these that the child would learn to
control his moves and learn to hit accurate shots. Too much use of technical
jargon should also be refrained from at this stage.

Finally the aim of a
mini tennis coaching camp is to establish the fundamentals of young players so
that they can move on to higher levels of the game with ease and confidence.
Something that is truly important at this stage is to stimulate their interest
in the game and encourage them to keep playing no matter what happens.
Maintaining a progress card is mandatory but equally important is to have fun
which is why acquiring fun equipment while purchasing mini tennis balls and
rackets is a must. Ultimately it is only by having fun that the child will pick
up the rules faster and try and excel in the game.
Common Law Admission Test
is the most common law entrance examination in India. Every
year Dion
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, more than thousands of law aspirants take this
test in order to get admitted to the top law schools of the country. This year
the examination is scheduled to be held on 11th May. CLAT 2015 preparation has
already started as students who are planning to appear for the examination next
year is taking admission to numerous institutes across the country.

number of questions might arise in the mind of students who are about to appear
for this examination. In this article we are going to discuss some of the
helpful information for all the CLAT aspirants who are about to take the exam
next year.

Registration Procedure: The application or the registration
form will be available on the official website of CLAT. You can also get the
brochure of the examination at the same time. All the websites of the National
Law Universities which conduct CLAT also allows candidates to download the
application form.

Amount of fees: For general candidates, the amount of
fees is Rs 4000, whereas those falling under the ambit of schedule caste and
schedule tribe the amount will be Rs 3500. There are a variety of payment modes
for the fees such as like online banking, debit or credit card. You can choose
any of the payment gateways according to your convenience.

If you do not
want to pay
online Michael
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, you can download the bank challan; fill it up
with all the necessary details and submit at the nearest branch of

Documents required: Some of the important documents which are
required during the registration process are as follows:

One passport
size photograph
10th standard mark sheet
Scanned signature of both the
parents and the candidate in JPEG format
Birth certificate of the
In case of SC or ST candidates, caste certificate

Pattern of
questions and subjects: There will be a total of five subjects in CLAT 2015;
English Language, Mathematics, Logical
Reasoning Arthur
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, Legal Aptitude and General Knowledge. For
undergraduate students the total marks of the examination will be 150, whereas
for postgraduate students the total marks will be 200. General Knowledge and
Legal aptitude will carry 50 marks, English and logical reasoning 40 marks and
Mathematics will carry 30

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